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Why Girls Love Guys

  1. The way they act so innocent sometimes
  2. The way they laugh
  3. The way they smile
  4. The way they get confused
  5. The way they look into your eyes and make everything even just for a second go away
  6. The way they touch you just to let you know he is there
  7. The way they try to defend themselves when you tease them
  8. The way he stares at you when you are walking down the hall even though his best friend is telling him the scores of last nights big game
  9. The way they seem to pop out of nowhere and slip their arms around you
  10. The way you fit just right in his arms
  11. The way he gets embarrassed when he does something clutzy around you and tries to cover it up
  12. The way they kiss you when you just had a big fight
  13. The way they kiss you when your day has gone completely wrong
  14. Actually just the way they kiss you
  15. The way when you hug them they feel exactly like your childhood teddy bear
  16. The way they can stay on the phone for hours even if he doesn't have much to say
  17. The way he looks at you when he thinks you are asleep
  18. The way he says "you look beautiful" even though you are just in jeans and a t-shirt
  19. The way they stare at you in class and then still stare after he has gotten in trouble for not paying attention
  20. The way they say "I LOVE YOU"