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For You Dad

You know dad, looking back i realized something
and you what that is?
without you, i wouldn't be who i am, i'd be nothing
kind of like a pop without its fizz
you were there for when whever you could be
and when you couldn't
you did everything you could to support me
even if you said you shouldn't
you went out of your way
to do man of things for me
and i know you wouldn't have it anyother way
that i can see.
You spent your life teaching me, helping me, doing everything you could for me,
and everything that was said impossible, you proved wrong
that shows me the love you had for me
you did all this and more
as you sent me out in the world
afraid for me, but knowing i would be the man you set me out to be, and more

For that Father... Dad... daddy, i thank you
I love you so very much, more then you could ever imagine.