When the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is in sight.

Jack Welch

Making mistakes

The only man who never makes mistakes is the man that never does anything

Theodore Roosevelt


We have to hang together, or we will hang seperately


Money and poverty

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons

Woody Allen

Training people

What if you train your people and they leave ?
What if you don't train them and they stay ?

Peter Russian

What is reality

We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are

quote by Anaïs Nin


Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.



Failing to plan is planning to fail

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Problems and solutions

If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem

Joe Henderson


We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

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You can't have everything

You can't have everything; where would you put it ?

Steven Wright

Decision making

Make every decision as if you owned the whole company.

quote by Robert Townsend

Unemployed ?

Among the worries of today's business executives is the large number of unemployed still on the payroll.

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Your own business

A hard thing about business is minding your own

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Who pays the wages ?

It is not the employer who pays wages -- he only handles the money. It is the product who pays the wages

Henry Ford


If each of us hires people smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs

David Ogilvy

Problem solving

By labeling a bundle of problems with a single conceptual label, we make dealing with that problem easier - provided we're not interested in solving it.

Phrases like "urgently needed measures for combating unemployment" roll easily off the tongue if we don't have to do anything about unemployment. A simple label can't make the complex nature of a problem go away, but it can so obscure complexity that we lose sight of it. And that, of course, we find a great relief.

Dietrich Dörner, The logic of failure

Theory and practice

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

Jan van de Snepscheut

Action and theory

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

Friedrich Engels


Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play

Immanuel Kant


What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet

Woody Allen

New knowledge

New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become

Kurt Vonnegut

Know everything

I am not young enough to know everything

Oscar Wilde


Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.

Peter Drucker

Key to success

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone

Bill Cosby

On downsizing

You cannot shrink your way to greatness

Tom Peters

Right and wrong

It is very wrong to be very right before everybody else



The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle

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Old and new ideas

The real difficulty lies not in developing new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones

JM Keynes


Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler

quote by Einstein


One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.

A. Milne


You can achieve anything in life, providing that you do not mind who gets the credits.

quote by Harry Truman