Another Love Quote Collections For your Boyfriend

A real man gives her lady
the attention
she deserves, gives
her all of his love,
calls her beautiful,
and treats her like a

love isn't finding someone
you can live with. It is finding
someone you can't live

A good boyfriend love his girl
with all his heart.
He isn't affraid to point his girl
in front of his friends and say,
"That's my baby."

I love it when my boyfriend tells
me that he loves me every single
day even if we are fighting

[Must WATCH] Why do you love your Boyfriend? The Science of Attraction

We are all attracted to people all the time. what it is that attracts us to others? and what the others find attractive about you?

These are some of the questions our team are going try to and answer in this series of videos.

With millions of people to choose from, finding that perfect someone should not be that difficult. But the media, social pressures, and human nature itself have turned it into a mystery.

We are surrounded by manipulative images, celebrities, and glossy perfection. We are given rules about dating through books, websites, and the press. They are all pressure us to confirm to an ideal of what is attractive.

But what is the truth? Watch this video..!!

Great minds

Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people

quote by Eleneanor Roosevelt

When love met friendship


LOVE asked : 
Why do you exist when i'm here?

FRIENDSHIP replied : 
To put SMILES on faces where you leave tears.

What is friendship?

A 5 year old girl asked her friend 

"What is Friendship???"

He replied 
"Friendship is when you take my chocolates everyday from my bag and 
I still keep it in the same place. :')