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Don't be a heartless parent and leave your child in tears

Fathers and mothers..

Please understand that your child has a heart and feelings before screaming and beating the crap out of your child..
please understand them as my parents don't 
understand anything instead of being a thoughtful 
parent they call me useless and stupid
your child can be failing for a reason depression like me..
not having any faith because of hurtful comments...

I deal with everyday and yet I always try to make my parents happy..
I really don't have hope anymore but parents please don't be reckless and scream and your child for something you don't understand..
maybe he/she fails because she is depressed or maybe it's something you said
I just want all you parents out there that calling your child useless and stupid won't do anything..

some of us have soft hearts and we can't handle the emotion and pain..
so parents please understand something from your children's point of view instead of screaming at them and beating them because with parent for me..
it's really hard to live a happy life with parents pressuring you everyday..
they think you're a super human that you can do everything..

Don't be a heartless parent and leave your child in tears because that's when they most need someone to go to..Remember this..you only have son/daughter a life and you can't replace them when they die..
they will grow different whose punishment is it when he/she dies from depression..it's not theirs...
because you stepped out of their life not caring what's going on in the inside..
we have a heart and it breaks when you scream/beat the crap out of us.
Love your child because he/she may be your only hope in the future.. 

- Brandon Nong